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# G o o d V i b e s O N L Y  

With a guitar and his voice, Ethan can transform the energy of any space.

Ethan Hanson is a true creative artist, a one of a kind, multifaceted talent active in many musical dimensions. He's focused as a passionate & creative singer / songwriter, whose thoughtful & universal messages are genuinely delivered by his diverse musical craftsmanship, surprisingly soulful voice, and attention - commanding stage presence. Driven to create timeless, genre defying music with a universal appeal, from his studio projects to the live shows, experiencing Ethan’s sound satisfies a deeper part of the heart and soul than most of today’s trendy based musical landscape. You’ll feel the undeniably unified, focused vibe from the stage to the audience and notice more subtle, complex, improvisational musical moments as well. Ethan Hanson and his music will take you for a journey full of good vibes, soulful expression, and free love through music. 



Featured Video | A Little Part Of Me