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 From the sand hills of North Carolina, Ethan Hanson is a talented artist of many musical dimensions. He is an authentic singer - songwriter whose thoughtful and universally relatable lyrics are powerfully delivered by his diverse musical craftmanship, surprisingly soulful voice, and soaring melodies. He is a guitar player first by nature, if you ask him, and that speaks to the fact that he has joined national tours as a supporting lead guitarist. You're most likely to see him at one of his acoustic solo performances, which feature his live intricate layering of tracks with a loop pedal, captivating the audience with a rich, full, and diverse sound. Now 27, Ethan and his band have opened up for major acts including Hootie and the Blowfish, R&B artist Jojo, Marshall Tucker Band, Joe Moorhead Band, and Colt Ford; to name a few. 

As for a little insight into Ethan's earlier years up to now, Ethan truly had the right ingredients and opportunity to become a life-time musician. Ever since and even before he can remember, music has been a part of Ethan's daily life. Ethan's mother, Kerstin Hanson, was & is a professional musician, keyboardist and singer. She performed as a solo act, as the duo "Folk You Harder", and had her part in many other bands and musical happenings. Growing up, local pros from the surrounding area of Fayetteville NC would frequent his house for rehearsals and jam sessions. Naturally attracted to music as a form of expression from the beginning, Ethan picked up his first guitar at age 2 which began his love affair with music. Drawing distinctively wide musical influences from across the spectrum; going from the crooning, gut wrenching, story telling songwriters, shoreside to the red eyed, heavy bass of reggae combined with the attitude hip hop, & all the way to the expansive rabbit holes of jazz fusion virtuosos, Ethan has and continues to have a hand and heart in creating music that far exceeds his years.

 He says he “got serious with the guitar” at age nine. He was mentored and took lessons from some of the area’s most popular guitar players including Nathan Davis, Guy Unger and Kenny D. Atkinson while honing his own craft. The youngster was so good that one teacher only gave him five lessons before saying to Ethan’s mom, “There’s nothing else I can teach this kid.”

 At the age of 10, he played his first show with his mother, Kerstin Hanson and DL Token front man Jeremy Strothers at the Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville. The engagement gave the young man a taste of what life was like on stage and he realized that music was where he wanted to be. Always one to put his thoughts to paper, Ethan began writing poems which eventually morphed into songs.

 By his teens, he began to sing in addition to strumming the guitar, but it was a challenge at first. “I tried to start singing at the age of 12,” recounts Ethan, “but I was going through puberty at the time and what came out was not what I wanted to hear.” Although briefly discouraged, with the support of many, he hung in there and in eventually developed a soulful, mature sound. He continued to gig, singing at coffee-houses and local establishments, while playing guitar in bands with local musicians until around the age of 16. At that point, he began the path of creating his loop-infused solo acoustic shows. Always evolving, he regularly receives stunning reviews, touring up and down the East Cost, traveling nationally to college campuses, and performing about 4-5 times a week at music venues and coffeehouses.

 Ethan has dropped three recorded projects to date. His first self-titled CD was released at the age of 14. His second CD, Alive, was dropped in 2007. Having built up a strong fan base since his first project, Alive was a highly-anticipated, critically-acclaimed release and was a snapshot of the “live experience” capturing the artist in his element. He teamed up with producer / musician Mark McKee for his latest release, “All The World EP”, a full production EP which features Ethan’s strong songwriting and both Ethan and Mark’s co-production and musical expertise. He is currently prepping an acoustic album, alongside a new release with his band.

 Michael Futch of the Fayetteville Observer sums up Ethan’s gift beautifully. “As a budding musician, Hanson falls among a new generation of clear-eyed singer-songwriters who lack an allegiance to such mythical rock figures as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.” Instead, Ethan Hanson is carving out his own niche.

 Catch Ethan at a show to  join in creating & experiencing the moment first hand; and catch him while you can!  The vibe is undeniable, Ethan inescapable voice have him breaking onto the national scene. You will feel the love in Ethan's passion for music, life, & people, and how they all converge in his honest & heartfelt songwriting & performances.