Ethan Hanson Music

My Take On Competetive Singing Shows

I've had people ask me multiple times, why don't you try out for The Voice, American Idol, or America's Got Talent, etc. I have put my thoughts together about it, and I'd like to share this with you folks.

I have come across a few opportunities for private auditions to some of these shows, and have always had a gut feeling that it wasn't for me. If you don't mind hearing me out, I would like to explain. Although I play some cover songs at my performances in order to pay my bills, I would rather to be known for my art and my songwriting. I feel that to be most important. If I have the chance to perform on national television I would only want to perform my music. I know this may sound stubborn and / or foolish, but I ask this question: If the great songwriters that paved the way for music today were to "compete" in a similar setting would they make it through the audition today? Artists like The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin. They didn't have pitch perfect voices, the weren't the athletic, vocal gymnasts of today, and they didn't have to be, because their original music spoke for itself.

I want, and music needs, to give the focus back to the true artist who is more than just a singer or performer. If there was a popular show centered around original music, I feel it could really positively impact the commercial and consumer landscape of music today. It could help to shift the focus from the physical talent or ability of a singer, to the combined force of a talented artist that has a gift for authentic songwriting, and the ability to perform and deliver it. I would be all about doing a show like this. Thoughts, opinions, are appreciated!