Ethan Hanson Music


Don't ask how
Just see it
Don't ask why
Just be it

You're the one and only
But not to make you lonely
Cuz were in this together
How do we make it better

Stop what you're doing
If it's not seeking the truth
The answers are inside of you
But you really have to look

Cuz the vultures are circling
Waiting for one false move
So fly above the storm
And just be true to you

Let go of the distractions
It can pay to disagree
we don't need to walk in circles
Because The truth will set us free

The master plan is in gods hands
Whatever that means to you
We can't pretend to understand
This earth is our life's school

There are no souls that wandered here
By blowing in the wind
Each life has a purpose
And our journey never ends

In each setback lies opportunity
A lesson in disguise
Keep your third eye open
Behind each shadow the light hides

I find myself in paradise
When I remember to look
Because it's always been this way
Since the day the earth shook