I’ve designed logos for multiple purposes. Nonprofits, websites, blogs, and more. Every logo tells a story about the property it represents. I aim to convey that information in the simplest, most visually stimulating way possible.

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Foodie News Info Page

This page is an advertisement for the Gardener Media property ColumbiaFoodieNews.com. The objective was to inform the readers about the website. The biggest challenge was to incorporate all of the available content, while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. I chose the Gardener Media typography and color palette to increase brand recognition.

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2018 Rate Sheets

Updated rate sheets for Gardener Media digital advertising. I created a template that fit all of the text while maintaining vital negative space. I wanted each website to have a unique flair, which came in the form of color palettes and choice of photograph. I incorporated elements from the company logo such as typeface and […]

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The Checkout Line

The Checkout Line is a dark comedy about teen romance. It follows lonely teenager Thomas and confident Amelia as they embark on a journey together that will change their lives forever. This film was my final project in college- a senior thesis of sorts. I was writer, director, executive producer, and production designer. While I […]

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